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I am a postdoctoral researcher with a background in computer science and cognitive science. I received a bachelor's degree in computer science from University of Ulm before continuing my studies in cognitive science at University of Tübingen. After my Master I joined the Kavli Institute to pursue my PhD with Christian F. Doeller and Caswell Barry. Currently, I am a postdoc with Mackenzie W. Mathis at EPFL.


NeuroAI: If grid cells are the answer, is path integration the question?
M Frey, MW Mathis, A Mathis
Current Biology 33 (5), R190-R192 | Year: 2023

Magnetic resonance-based eye tracking using deep neural networks
M Frey, M Nau, CF Doeller
Nature neuroscience 24 (12), 1772-1779 | Year: 2021

Interpreting wide-band neural activity using convolutional neural networks
M Frey, S Tanni, C Perrodin, A O'Leary, M Nau, J Kelly, A Banino, D Bendor, J Lefort, CF Doeller, C Barry
Elife 10, e66551 | Year: 2021

Behavior-dependent directional tuning in the human visual-navigation network
M Nau, T Navarro Schröder, M Frey, CF Doeller
Nature communications 11 (1), 3247 | Year: 2020

Memory efficient brain tumor segmentation using an autoencoder-regularized u-net
M Frey, M Nau
Brain lesion: MICCAI | Year: 2020

Testing the efficacy of single-cell stimulation in biasing presubicular head direction activity
S Coletta, M Frey, K Nasr, P Preston-Ferrer, A Burgalossi
Journal of Neuroscience 38 (13), 3287-3302 | Year: 2018

Sparse activity of identified dentate granule cells during spatial exploration
M Diamantaki, M Frey, P Berens, P Preston-Ferrer, A Burgalossi
Elife 5, e20252 | Year: 2016

Anatomical organization of presubicular head-direction circuits
P Preston-Ferrer, S Coletta, M Frey, A Burgalossi
elife 5, e14592 | Year: 2016

Priming spatial activity by single-cell stimulation in the dentate gyrus of freely moving rats
M Diamantaki, M Frey, P Preston-Ferrer, A Burgalossi
Current Biology 26 (4), 536-541 | Year: 2016

A new multi-class fuzzy support vector machine algorithm
F Schwenker, M Frey, M Glodek, M Kächele, S Meudt, M Schels, M Schmidt
Artificial Neural Networks in Pattern Recognition | Year: 2014


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Exploring spatial representations in Visual Foundation Models (23.10.23)